The world is about to come to an end!!!! Can you believe that???

So today I’m gonna be talking about the end of the world ( it’s all in my head🤪) Anyways I just found out the world is gonna be ending in a week or less so here is a list of there things I would actually love to do before it you know ends.

So first I would loooove to go to the beach with my daughter ( can you believe I’ve never been to the beach and I’m almost 23 y’all😂) would love to feel the sand, get all tanned,wear a bikini, have a coconut juice and just you know make some really beautiful memories.

Second I would like to see my best friend and create some bestie goals. So I haven’t like seen her in almost 8 years since she left the country, and even though distance wasn’t enough to stop us from being best friends I still wish I could you know get to see her, go partying with her, shopping and you know just enjoy each other’s company In person. I mean I’m not big with outings and neither is she but I would really just love to explore the world with her.

Lastly wow😂😂 this is hard like I have a long list of things I wanna do before the world ends but then I’m only allowed to pick 3 so hmmmmm I guess I would love to have a family of my own. I’ve had to watch my parents you know raise the family you know,make decisions and all, though I have a kid but I’m not like married or something but I would love to experience that and I know my daughter would too you know……parents and kids hanging out having fun and you enjoying each other’s love and attention. I know making a family is not as simple as I just made it sound but like yeah I have just less than a week, how hard can that be?

How about you? What are the 3 things you would love to do if you found out the world was ending.

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Introducing Me!!!

Hello everyone my name is Jasmina and I’ll love to do a quick introduction about myself…… Enjoy😊

So I am 22 years old will be 23 in a few months, I’m a writer, a student, a mum and I love to sing and listen to music at my leisure, I don’t know how to dance but I love to try😂 I do not have any favourite colour (weird right?) 🥴 I’m fun to be around and yeah I can be a little stubborn but in general I’m cool❤️

I look forward to having a wonderful experience with my readers.



The concept of a fresh start can be terrifying to the human mind. You know having to start all over, change locations, new friends, new jobs, new hobbies e.t.c.
While it has its advantages and disadvantages, I will love to focus on the advantages that comes with a fresh start/new beginnings.
For me I’d say I relished the thought, nursed it for a very long time before deciding it was the best thing for me. I was so scared and sceptical at first, with my baby on the way and all the adjustments that came with it, it was a really tough decision for me. I had to move, change my lifestyle, make new friends, change hobbies and a whole lot of things even up unto my diet. Eventually it wasn’t so bad Infact it turned out to be my best decision yet. I had a chance for a do over. I got closer to my siblings (we kind of had a toxic relationship at that time) i had the opportuniry to work on my relationship with God and better ways to walk with him on my christian journey. I had the chance to think about what I really wanted to do. I’ve heard some people say starting again changes you and it makes you/turns you into a different person. But of course yes a do over changes you just like a make over does, do you look different? Yes, do you feel different? Yes, but at the end of the day you are still you, at the end of the day you become a better version of yourself. Its like going to the past to right all your wrongs and do better the things you initially did bad.
As a matter of fact my journey on new beginnings birthed this blog, a place I can express my thoughts, share my ideas, learn and give out. A place I can be comfortable with being me.
So sometimes when you are stuck and feel like you can’t go any further I want you to know that its okay to go back and start all over, learning from your mistakes is not a weak virtue rather it should be your strongest suit.


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