The world is about to come to an end!!!! Can you believe that???

So today I’m gonna be talking about the end of the world ( it’s all in my head🤪) Anyways I just found out the world is gonna be ending in a week or less so here is a list of there things I would actually love to do before it you know ends.

So first I would loooove to go to the beach with my daughter ( can you believe I’ve never been to the beach and I’m almost 23 y’all😂) would love to feel the sand, get all tanned,wear a bikini, have a coconut juice and just you know make some really beautiful memories.

Second I would like to see my best friend and create some bestie goals. So I haven’t like seen her in almost 8 years since she left the country, and even though distance wasn’t enough to stop us from being best friends I still wish I could you know get to see her, go partying with her, shopping and you know just enjoy each other’s company In person. I mean I’m not big with outings and neither is she but I would really just love to explore the world with her.

Lastly wow😂😂 this is hard like I have a long list of things I wanna do before the world ends but then I’m only allowed to pick 3 so hmmmmm I guess I would love to have a family of my own. I’ve had to watch my parents you know raise the family you know,make decisions and all, though I have a kid but I’m not like married or something but I would love to experience that and I know my daughter would too you know……parents and kids hanging out having fun and you enjoying each other’s love and attention. I know making a family is not as simple as I just made it sound but like yeah I have just less than a week, how hard can that be?

How about you? What are the 3 things you would love to do if you found out the world was ending.

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I am a writer,student, mum to a very beautiful and smart girl,I love trying out new things, Diy's and would love y'all to journey with me as I bring to your raider all things lifestyle.

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